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Eighth floor, AREX Bldg. 1-4-12, Marunouchi, Naka-ku, Nagoya, 460-0002 JAPAN


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March 1987


Masaki HATTORI (Mr)


Patent Procurement

Patent litigation, including the following:

  • Patent, utility model, design, and trademark applications in and outside Japan
  • PCT applications
  • Respond to office actions (Transferred cases accepted.)
  • File appeals (Transferred cases accepted.)
  • Discover the potential of new inventions
  • Develop application strategies


  • Infringement analysis
  • Expert testimony
  • Conflict resolution
  • Conflict prevention


Conduct searches for prior art and invalid documents related to patents, utility models, designs, and trademarks

IP consulting

We offer assistance concerning:

  • Linking IP protection with business strategies
  • Patent mapping
  • Employees’ inventions
  • Branding strategies
  • Establishment of IP department
  • Production, distribution and services in/outside Japan

Registration procedures

  • Register assignments, licenses, plant varieties, and copyrights
  • Fulfill payments of annual fees

IP training and lectures

Study meetings, general trainings, and lectures and information sessions on protecting/enforcing IP rights can be provided at your office or other locations upon request.

Patent Attorneys

President/Partner Masaki HATTORI

Education Background:
Tokyo Institute of Technology School of Engineering
Practical training at Cushuman,Darby & Cushuman (U.S.A.)
Intellectual Property Management School, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo
1986 Japanese Patent and Trademark Attorney
2006 Specific Infringement Lawsuits Counsel
Technical Fields:
Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Control, Materials Engineering, Trademarks, and Contract

Vice President/Partner Koichi OKADA

Education Background:
Master’s Degree, Nagoya University, Graduate School of Engineering
2012 Japanese Patent and Trademark Attorney
2014 Specific Infringement Lawsuits Counsel
2002 Fundamental Information Technology Engineer
2022 Information Security Management
2023 Applied Information Technology Engineer
Technical Fields:
Control, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Mechatronics

Partner Hiroyuki INOUE

Education Background:
Nagoya Institute of Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science
2020 Japanese Patent and Trademark Attorney
2023 Specific Infringement Lawsuits Counsel
1997 Class II Information Technology Engineer
2006 Information Systems Security Administrator
Technical Fields:
Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Control, Information, Designs, and Trademarks


Characteristics of our firm

   In our office, patent attorneys, patent engineers, IP assistants, drawing specialists, and translators, who are very capable in each field, collaborate as a team under the principle of ‘Growth, Improvement, and Learning’ to give high-quality IP service to our clients for assisting them in finding, obtaining, and exercising patent, utility model, trademark and design rights.

   We deal with cases in a wide variety of technical fields, mainly machinery and controls, as well as electronics, semiconductors, chemistry, biotechnologies, and so on. Regardless of the field, we always assist our clients to take appropriate procedures in each stage of application, examination, appeal, lawsuit, and so forth. As a result, our clients obtain rights that are very beneficial to them, for which we have earned a good reputation.

   We, especially patent attorneys, patent engineers, and IP assistants share the latest information related to change in law, precedent, IP-related news, etc. to assist our clients in pursuing their business and IP strategy from the perspective of technique, law, and business.

International Network

   We have been establishing a long-term relation with our foreign associates to assist our clients to obtain an intellectual property right in overseas since our office was established in 1987.

   We have treated many types of procedures so far including patent/trademark/design applications in foreign countries; Paris Convention Route applications; PCT applications; national stage/regional stage entry based on a PCT application; International applications for trademark registration (Madrid Protocol); International design applications (the Geneva Act of the Hague Agreement); and various procedures for registration followed by the aforementioned applications.

〈Countries/Patent Offices〉


China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Thai, Vietnam, Malaysia

North America

U.S.A, Canada, Mexico

Middle East



European Patent Office(EPO),European Union Intellectual Property Office(EUIPO), England, Germany, France, Austria, The Netherlands
*It includes a direct application to each European country and an EP application.



Eighth floor, AREX Bldg.
1-4-12 Marunouchi, Naka-ku, Nagoya,
460-0002 JAPAN
Telephone: + 81-52-239-1235
Facsimile: + 81-52-239-1236

Our office is roughly 1.5 km away from Nagoya station (for bullet trains, JR lines, Meitetsu lines/ Nagoya Railroad, Kintetsu lines and subways). The nearest station is ‘Marunouchi’ subway station.