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   By using us, you are benefiting from several decades worth of experience and knowledge in the intellectual property industry. We’ve been developing our service since we first formed our institution back in March 1987, and have gained unmatched levels of expertise and professional knowledge in the field.

   But we offer far more than just experience. We have future-proofed our service by voraciously researching the latest legal developments and precedents, as well as analyzing performance trends in the world of intellectual property. When dealing with us, you not only know that you are dealing with the current industry leaders, but also the industry leaders of tomorrow.

   The way that professionals use intellectual property is changing, and as such our service must change to reflect this. The methods in which intellectual property is used to develop business strategies at home and abroad are critical, and so safeguarding those methods has become critical too. With this in mind, we have created new techniques for protecting intellectual property rights, and for facilitating their effective usage across global business.

   Some companies pursue the purchase of intellectual property rights in a proactive and accelerated manner and then put them to practical use; other firms analyze their competition in the marketplace, examine market and enterprise trends and predict investment potentials before strategically purchasing intellectual property rights.

   Whatever your business model, and whatever your IP strategy, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you push your business into positive territory. Our advisory processes are client-driven, and are aimed at helping you acquire and then utilize intellectual property rights in an effective manner.

   From our formative years as a fledgling company in Japan to the present day, we have always striven to forge paths and communication channels between the Asian and Western markets. Using our position in the Japanese market, and our expertise in intellectual property, as a starting point, we have sought to nurture communication between these two global spheres, to our mutual benefit.

   This has helped to form the company that we are today, as well as the service that we offer to our customers. We provide professional intellectual property services to global corporations at a high standard, including consultation, advisory and strategic planning services.

   We’ve come a long way, but still our mission continues. We are a professional intellectual property team with our clients’ interests at heart, and we will continue to support the protection and utilization of intellectual property to meet and exceed their expectations.

   Join us, and let us help you drive your business to where you want it to be.

July 2015


Managed principle

We offer our clients IP services with speed, accuracy and high quality while supporting them in obtaining intellectual property rights.


 We aim to complete work faster than our clients expect.


 We are dedicated to understanding our clients’ needs and serving them accurately and at the right time.


 We do everything possible to meet our clients’ requirements while providing more than is expected.

   Technical knowledge grained by individual staff members is freely shared among all the staff according to the idea of ‘Growth, Improvement and Learning.’ This is a prime source of valuable wisdom. This way we may provide services with added value to our clients, which allow us to achieve management based on the principle of ‘three-way benefit’.

Idea of ‘Growth, Improvement and Learning’

Grow, improve and learn together!

   We experience both success and failure as a natural part of the process of growing and improvement. We believe one must always strive to learn from the success of others and from your own mistakes.

   Our improvements benefit our clients and the greater society.

   When our clients are 100% satisfied, our recognition grows.

   Our staff knows their hard work will come back to reward them.


Management based on
the principle of ‘three-way benefit’

Who are the ‘three’?
‘Clients’, ‘Our firm’ and ‘Staff’


   We support our clients’ continuous development in the IP field. We help our clients obtain intellectual property rights while reducing infringement risks. We do this with speed, accuracy and high quality.

Our firm

   Our firm makes contributions to the society through our expert support of ‘creating intellectual property’, ‘acquiring intellectual property rights’ and exercising intellectual property rights’ in Japan and beyond.


   Our staff gains technical knowledge according to our policy of ‘Growth, Improvement and Learning’, which will then enable them to offer services with added value to our clients. As a result, staff members feel the joy of making an important contribution to society as they mature as people.